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Finger monkeys are also called crumb Monkeys

Finger monkeys Marmosets Monkeys - crumb

finger monkey
Finger monkeys are native to rain-forests of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. Finger Monkeys - The cutest living creatures in the World
Finger monkeys (Marmozetks), the exotic inhabitants of rain tropical scaffolding in central and South America - smallest in the force of primates. The animals, that reach 30- centimeter length (without considering long thin tail), Finger monkeys are considered as the “lanky people” in its family. But into three smaller dwarfish Finger monkeys freely it is placed into the palm of one hand.

Finger monkeys in rain forest

Finger Monkeys

In the classification Finger monkeys marmazetks(Marmosets) are separated from other monkeys of the new
Light, since the fingers in them conclude with life elegant nails instead of the usual dull nails, which Finger monkeys or Marmosets (marmozetks) have only on the first toe. Thumbs are not contradicted by rest, so thatFinger monkeys or Marmosets (marmozetks) cannot clench branch similarly by the more highly developed primacy or even lemurs. Therefore they call them still shaped-clawed or squirrel monkeys.
However, by the external attractiveness of Finger monkeys or Marmosets(marmozetks they exceed the majority of kinsmen - primates. In some forms, for example, of bright golden Finger monkeys or Marmosets marmozetks, grows “lion mane”. Many have primitive painting, and adornments on the heads in the form of the bundles of the bright fur. In the 17th Century European courtesans bore on the arm of  from America Finger monkeys or Marmosets (marmozetoks) as fashionable adornments.

Do You Want To Buy a Finger Monkey?
The Finger Monkeys are The smallest monkeys in the world
The common question is Where can I buy a finger monkey?

The 'finger monkey' is actually been called a pygmy marmoset on Latin and they are about 5 inches tall fully grown. However, Finger monkeys are highly social animals and usually live in groups of 4 or more- so  you will have to get more than one or it will become depressed/aggressive. They cost around $4,000 each and you are required to have an exotic pet license in the United States. The species is considered endangered.

In some states in usa like  Alabama, Texas ,California, Colorado,  Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut,New Hampshire, Wyoming,Vermont, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland,  New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and  Utah have bans on private possession of primates. Several other states are currently debating such legislation.
in toronto it illegal to have 'finger monkey'  Unless you have an exotic pet license in Canada but it is ligal in some parts of Africa ( like Cameroon ) and Asia.

finger monkey
The Biggest finger monkey predator and killers are english britan not proffeciaonal doctors
who mad rsearches in the University of Cambridge
BUAV alleges that finger monkey ( marmosets apes ) were left unattended for up to 15 hours after having parts of their
 brains removed to induce strokes.Finger monkeys Main article:  Finger monkey Primate experiments at Cambridge University
In the UK, after an undercover investigation in 1998, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV),
a lobby group, reported that researchers in Cambridge University's primate-testing labs were sawing the tops off
marmosets' heads, inducing strokes, then leaving them overnight without veterinarian care, because staff
worked only nine to five.  The experiments used finger monkeys (marmosets ) that were first trained to perform certain
behavioral and cognitive tasks, then re-tested after brain damage to determine how the damage had affected their skills.
 The monkeys were deprived of food and water to encourage them to perform the tasks, with water being withheld for 22 out of every 24 hours.
there is also an video that is not shown hrere
The Research Defence Society defended Cambridge's research. The RDS wrote that the finger monkey were fully anaesthetised,
 and appropriate pain killers were given after the surgery. "On recovery from the anaesthesia,
the monkeys were kept in an incubator, offered food and water and monitored at regular intervals until the early evening.
They were then allowed to sleep in the incubators until the next morning. No monkeys died unattended during the night
after stroke surgery." In finger monkeys torture hardship  A court rejected BUAV's application for a judicial review.
BUAV has appealed and a decision was expected in 2006 that means a not proffeciaonal British doctors can continue their work.
The term Finger Monkeys is used to denote about 25 new world monkey species pertaining to the genera Callithrix, Callibella, Mico and Cebuella. They come in a variety of sizes, from small to mouse-sized. Finger Monkeyss are generally about 20 inches in length, have claws instead of nails and tactile hair on their wrists. Their brain layout is more of the primitive type and their body temperature usually varies within a range of 4 °C in a day. They lack wisdom teeth, however, possess sharp incisors to chew holes in the tree trunks. These tiny Finger Monkeyss or South American monkeys are basically wild animals. However, today Finger Monkeyss as pets are becoming extremely popular and common. 'You can never get enough of a Finger Monkeys' is the phrase that is often heard, however, Finger Monkeyss as pets is not such a good idea. The simple reason being, these animals are meant to be brought up in the wild. They belong there! Nevertheless, let us know more on how to take care of these tiny creatures.

How to Take Care of a Pet Finger Monkeys?

Finger Monkeys monkeys are cute to the eye and appear really adorable and docile in appearance, however, these little creatures are not that easy to handle. Those that still want to transform these creatures into household pets need to be prepared to meet all their needs. Finger Monkeys monkeys require one's time, attention and financial support (not to mention all the training required). These creatures will depend on you for every need. Do not live in the bubble that Finger monkeys will one day become self-sufficient.
Moreover, these animals do not like to be left on their own or unsupervised. If left alone for too long, they will end up as ill-mannered and destructive pets. They can even end up developing the habit of biting, throwing tantrums and fits, which are very unpleasant habits. They will even pull their hair, slap and scratch themselves to gain one's attention. Finger Monkeyss are not mean animals, they have personalities of their own, and are attention seeking creatures. Since Finger monkeys have a wide range of vocalizations, high pitched screams are quite common.

finger monkey
Baby Finger Monkeyss when bottle-fed are quite lovable, however, their entrance into sexual maturity makes them quite aggressive and unpredictable. They reach maturity in about 18-24 months and can even end up being dangerous to the owners. Finger monkeys pets react more like human teenagers and have strong instincts and urges. They need constant mental stimulation, thus, if one cannot devote 90% of the animal's waking hours to the pet, then this animal is not the suitable pet.
Finger Monkeyss need extreme training and unless one has worked with animals, especially monkeys, training these little ones will prove quite difficult. Usually breeders end up hand-raising Finger Monkeyss in order to produce better domesticated pets. Hand raising Finger Monkeyss is no child's play. It's a job that requires diligence and patience. However, no amount of hand-raising can domesticate these animals. Loving these animals and giving them one's undue attention may help make them loving animals. Read more on pet care.

Finger Monkeyss are not very messy and their urine does not have a very strong stench. However, Finger Monkeyss tend to urinate quite often. This is because Finger Monkeyss scent their area by rubbing their perineum on various locations. However, with a lot of training, the Finger Monkeyss can be taught to demarcate only specified areas with their urine. These animals are also observed to defecate on their paws, so as to give themselves better grip while climbing.
Finger Monkeyss as pets require a large cage embedded with scores of toys, hammocks, plants and tunnels to go through. The cage has to be regularly cleaned and needs to be provided with a heating source (heating pad or infrared lamp). Finger Monkeyss can catch diseases like measles, chicken pox, cold sores and even HIV.
As far as the Finger Monkeyss' diet is concerned, they need to be given a rotating diet, rich in Vitamin C and D3. Canned Finger Monkeys food and biscuits are available, however, since these monkeys get bored of the same food, they need to be given fresh fruits, vegetables, baby cereal, whole grains like pasta, etc. This will keep them busy! What's interesting is that these creatures love sweet treats like jelly, marshmallows, cakes, melted ice-creams and licorice.
One common Finger Monkeyss as pets is the pygmy Finger Monkeys, which is really difficult to get and requires a special permit to keep it as a pet. Pygmy Finger Monkeys as pets are quite difficult to handle as they require feeding every two hours for two weeks straight. This tiny species is known to attack and bite owners. It even throws feces at the owner. Imagine being slapped with Finger Monkeys shit!
Keeping Finger Monkeyss as pets requires legal permission. While seeking a permit to keep this primate, one needs to ensure that there exists a special type of primate veterinarian in the area, not the regular animal veterinarian. Finger Monkeyss are social animals and should live among their own kind. It's not a very good idea to keep them in a cage at home.

finger monkeys pets on white

How Do I Buy A Fingers Monkey pet ?
after you choosed what kind of monkey you are committing to buy  first
You can go to the tropical forest and get one but it is not legal so you must really go to the pet store
or you can go to monkey park
monkey park

(http://www.monkeypark.co.il/ ) in the 52 usa state all what you have to do is to come to the monkey park and to show a special an exotic pet license
this special license are already include license  for Finger monkeys like pygmy finger monkey

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